The reason a few boob pictures have sparked a national crisis

Even before Kate Middleton‘s Boobgate, I’ve always found it odd the way Royal news is treated with a gravity it simply doesn’t warrant.

Sandwiched in between items about conflict in Syria and our economic crisis, TV reporters put on their best foghorn serious voices to tell us that the Duchess waved at some children, or chose a red dress to wear to go and wave at some other people.

The same programmes would never cover a Twilight premiere or celebrity break-up in the same way, and yet all these stories are ultimately just entertaining trivia.

Don’t get me wrong – everything has its place. People have always loved a gossip and a gawp, its human nature, but we really should try and avoid treating it as a matter of national security.

Which is why I have found the hypocrisy over the Kate Middleton topless pictures almost too much to bear – or should that be bare, in true tabloid style?

I don’t hear the same people complaining about how outrageous’ and disgusting’ it is to show other women’s boobs in the papers.

If it was wrong that this happened to Kate, it would be wrong for it to happen to any celebrity who didn’t choose to pose nude. She’s no different to any other woman out there in the public eye, yet this has been treated like a life-threatening situation.

Debates about privacy should treat everyone equally.

The protectiveness some strangers feel towards Kate demonstrates to me the weirdness of our attitude towards the Royal Family in this country.

The day before the topless pictures surfaced, I saw a newspaper front page with the headline Kate’s Kindness‘ splashed over a picture of her visiting children in a Malaysia hospital.

No one would dispute the value of charity work, but our desire to create a Diana-type saint out of Kate just for doing her job is sickening and sinister.

In 2012, we should try to move beyond the idea of the pure, virginal, saintly princess. Such fantasies hold women everywhere back and probably put unnecessary pressure on Kate herself, who is a real human being. They certainly didn’t do Diana herself any favours.

So Kate got her boobs out, and some photos got taken. The palace naturally feels compelled to defend her, but it would be great if the rest of us could learn from this whole overblown saga just how dysfunctional it is to put these people on such a pedestal in the first place.

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