The X Factor boys were so in awe of the half naked ladies at Now's party that they stopped schmoozing just to stare

The best thing about Now’s beach party (so far, in my humble opinion) is the gobsmacked look on the faces of the Kingsland Road and Rough Copy boys when the sexy Brazilian carnival dancers we booked came out and did their thang.

Rough Copy and Kingsland Road were in competition for the attention of the lovely dancers – I bet they don’t even care about the World Cup half as much. And it’s Brazilian, too (obvs). And I doubt they ever gawped at Nicole Scherzinger as much. That’s saying something.

There were bums and boobs all up in our grills (in the best way ever) and the boys were LOVING it. I’m sure if the bands put as much effort into promoting their new albums they’ll do VERY well when they come out. 

Now, I’m off to book myself some dance lessons. If it works for our dancers maybe I can bagsy myself a hot X Factor boyfriend?!

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