Winning another award, was Adele's speech a little phoney? Surely she knows by now how talented she is?


Make no mistake, I love Adele. I met her when she first won a Brit award, before she’d released an album and she was adorable, funny, down-to-earth and pretty much everything she is now.

That however was a long time ago and while she should be commended for keeping it real, I find it hard to believe that everything still comes as such a surprise.

Adele is a very private person and has expertly managed to keep her personal life away from the public arena as much as possible. The fact that we still don’t know the name of her son is frankly astonishing.

Collecting her award for Best Song at the Golden Globes this week, she said: Honestly I came for a night out with my friend Ayda, we’re new mums.’

I wouldn’t really class flying to the US and attending the Golden Globes with the biggest stars on the planet just a night out’.

But then that is part of Adele‘s appeal – her apples and pears’ cockney accent and the constant surprise at her accolades – but can she really still be so taken aback?

For starters, her friend Ayda is Robbie Williams’ wife so clearly she is pals with him too and he’s a massive star.

She is also close with Alan Carr so is no stranger to surrounding herself with people who have glittering careers. Oh, and of course good mate EastEnders star Sid Owen.

On the other hand, all those people are very approachable (except perhaps Sid Owen oddly) so she’s clearly pals with people with a similar view to celebrity and the culture that surrounds it.

After winning so many Grammys, Brits, now a Golden Globe and potentially an Oscar it must surely hit home that there is no height Adele cannot reach.

I look forward to the Oscars and hope that she wins possibly the most coveted award on the planet!

Let’s just hope she doesn’t say: Ooh I just popped out to the shops to get some more nappies and bog roll and now I’ve gone and got a bleedin’ Oscar!’

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