Why Adele should be using her one finger salute at internet trolls.


Adele, one of the most celebrated talents in the UK and, well, the entire world, has just had her first baby.

Throughout her pregnancy Adele asked everyone to respect her and her fella’s privacy.

She’s not one of those stars who parades themselves around to generate press – you’ll never catch her dressed in a lobster costume and I’d bet my house on the fact she won’t be seen in a park with a personal trainer in a few weeks, letting it all hang out while she tries to rid the baby weight.

So why would she be a target for sick comments online?

adele-and-boyfriend.jpgAdele is the latest celebrity to feel the nasty side of stardom with evil Twitter trolls posting abusive comments about her and her baby.

One sicko Tweeted: ‘Is it fat and handicapped lol? Just murder it already lol.’

Another ‘joked’: ‘Adele’s so fat that noone ever even knew she was pregnant.’

We saw in the summer how Tom Daley and Gary Barlow were also at the receiving end of some vile taunts.

Even One Direction’s Zayn Malik quit Twitter saying that people were saying some really hurtful things about his relationship with Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards.

This type of thing makes me so sick.

I’m pretty sure there must be some weird deep-rooted reason why these trolls do this. Some believe they are jealous, others say they are cowards or just after a reaction.

But I know I’d hate to be one of their friends. Fancy sitting in the pub and announcing to them you’re getting married. You’re just an ass-kissing villainous pile of s**t’. Er, thanks.

Oh, hang on a second. They wouldn’t do that. Because they would never dare say something like this to someone’s actual face. Only on the internet, to the entire world.

Just don’t forget to add a cheeky emoticon or ‘lol’ at the end of your insult. That makes it better.

Troll Tweets are sometimes so ridiculous that they could have been made using a random insult generator online.

In fact, if you go to www.randominsultgenerator.com you’ll see what I mean. If Adele really wanted to receive obscure insults – and let’s face it, it’s unlikely – she could just log on to that site. The trolls need not do a thing.

I’m pretty sure that the couldn’t care less about these insults, but for anyone in the future at the wrong end of any abuse, just remember they are just words.

Enjoy your happy moment and let the internet trolls think up some more meaningless rants, because that’s exactly what they are, boring meaningless rants #boreofftrolls.

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