The Duchess of Cambridge is being bullied online, and it's just not cool...

This week, Now’s cover story highlighted the downside to being the new Mrs Prince William and future Queen of England.

While Kate Middleton gets top fashion designers falling over themselves to dress her, invites to glitzy premieres and exotic holidays, she’s also having to contend with some fairly upsetting flack at the moment.

Internet trolls have been throwing a continuous barrage of abuse her way, calling Kate everything from anorexic’ to a gold-digger’, after a new book’s revelations about how she got together with Wills got everyone talking about whether she somehow planned to ensnare’ the Prince all along.

Sickeningly, some comments even discussed Kate‘s slim weight in relation to whether or not she’d be able to have a baby.

These haters are so wide of the mark. Firstly, I don’t believe any girl could have ensnared’ a man as independent and savvy as Prince William.

As the world’s most eligible bachelor, he had his pick of any girl – he chose Kate. Secondly, she’s not a witch who calculatingly cast a spell over him – because that sort of thing doesn’t happen in real life.

So give Kate a break. Her every move and choice is already watched by people waiting for her to slip up, but I’m afraid from the moment she got out of that coach at Westminster Abbey on her wedding day, she’s not put a foot wrong.

The pressure Kate’s dealing with by being thrust into the limelight must be hard enough, and on top of that, as in every relationship, it’s bound to be a learning curve as she negotiates the first years of marriage.

Especially to a hubby who’s working in the armed forces, which can be especially unpredictable and stressful.

Slagging her off when she’s done nothing wrong except try and get on with it all? Not cool. It’s reminiscent of Caroline Flack being attacked so viciously for daring to go on a few dates with Harry Styles from One Direction.

Instead of being jealous, be happy for Kate. Every girl dreams of meeting her Prince Charming. For most of us (me included) the reality is boyfriends who hardly match up to that dream. But Kate’s living hers – let her get on with it in peace.


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