She’s finally showing Mark Wright what his missing

Bumping into that ex who broke your heart is undoubtedly one of life’s most icky ‘Oh my God! Oh my God! Please don’t let it be him’ moments.

But yesterday, Lauren Goodger totes showed how to do it in style.
Keen to show off her incredible post break-up weight loss, Lauren was dressed in a tight figure-hugging dress and couldn’t have better timed looking more stunning than I’ve ever seen her, as she came face to face with her ex, Mark Wright.
After 10 years together and their very public break-up (which Lauren blames as the reason she piled on the pounds in the first place #unfair) she sure showed Mark what he was missing.
I only wish my personal experience of bumping into my ex was as icky-less as Lauren’s – because it was actually one of the most traumatic moments of my life!
It’d been over a year since I’d last seen my ex’s forever-beautiful-even-in-the-mornings face (except for casually checking his Facebook for newly tagged photos, natch).
And for me, there was no glam awards bash for me to have scrubbed myself up for in prep.

I came face to face with my ex – and his new girlfriend – while digging out a microwave meal for one in our local Asda food aisle.
Without a scrap of make-up on.
And rained-on frizz you could barely call hair.
While dressed in my cow-print PJ bottoms (it was 11pm – I can be forgiven).
And a frumpy old uni hoodie, imperfectly equipped with burned-out fag holes.
I’ll never forget the fire (it literally felt like fire!) that ravaged my cheeks as I burned with embarrassment as The Ex brazenly caught my eye and said ‘hi’.
I mean, he could have pretended he didn’t see me to spare me the embarrassment, surely! And then there was that smug glint in his immaculately dressed girlfriend’s eye…
I was in such turmoil, I can’t recall any of the convo we had – only a burning desire to bury myself under the packets of frozen peas.
After that, I learnt my lesson and made an effort to dress up for my future Asda shopping trips to show The Ex what he was really, actually, properly missing in real life.

But needless to say, I’ve never seen him again.

And no doubt that final memory of me is still etched on his mind.

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