Work's been good to me

Today I say goodbye to the celebrity gossip Mecca that is Now magazine.

In my two years working here for the website, it’s fair to say I’ve done some pretty cool stuff. I’ve interviewed stars, attended award shows and enjoyed my fair share of swanky press events. 

What sticks out as a highlight, though, has to be the time I met One Direction.

This was a while ago now – pre-America, pre-What Makes You Beautiful, pre-Eleanor Calder.

And here’s how it went. 

I rushed to the photo shoot with a huge suitcase in the rain and turned up with a bright red face and frizzball hair – so you can understand my horror when I looked up to see the boys standing in reception.

I sorted out my sorry self and made my way downstairs to get to start my interviews.

11140|00001dcb6|6175_orh253w192_Harry-StWithin seconds, Harry had my heart rushing. As I walked into the studio with a case of fizzy drinks, he came straight over to me and took them out of my hands. Nothing beats a gentleman (however old he is…).

He was flirty and funny – all while battling a bad bout of hay fever (a vulnerability that made him all the more appealing to me!)

The other lads were great too – Louis Tomlinson chatted to me about his favourite band (The Fray), Liam Payne called me ‘babe’, I got a peek of Zayn Malik topless and Niall Horan kept jokingly calling me ‘Esmée Denters‘.

I later made sure to get a photo with Harry, but oh how I wish I’d not eaten that extra slice of cake the night before.

I look nothing short of hideous. My one chance at the coolest Facebook profile picture ever (don’t judge me), and my fat face messed it up.

My colleague also pointed out that I’m holding on to the poor boy for dear life. My hand is clutching at his waist like a desperate fan (which of course I am).

I’ve since watched interviews with the boys and it seems that despite their ridiculous levels of success, they’re still the same.

They lads are down to earth, full of banter and really good company.

Though there is One Thing (see what I did there?) that’s changed – Harry‘s now old enough for me to take him for a drink!

What do you say, Mr Styles? I’ve got a week off before I start my new job, so I’m free whenever…

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