1D hasn't changed Niall - I still see him as an excitable teen from Mullingar

I’m throwing it out there – Niall Horan is POSSIBLY my new favourite member of One Direction.

Okay, so I still love Harry Styles‘ cheeky grin, Liam Payne‘s FIT bod, Zayn Malik‘s… well, Zayn Malik‘s everything really, and I suppose Louis Tomlinson isn’t too bad either.

But Niall just seems a little less changed than his bandmates.

For a start, he’s the only one who really still bothers to Tweet.

Liam tends to use his page to vent about things that are bothering him, Zayn writes about two words a week and Harry just posts random musings about beetroots and blue beads (wtf?).

But Niall actually keeps followers updated on his life – and even manages to sound grateful when he’s p*ssed off with them.

When fans were screaming outside his hotel room in Colombia recently, he Tweeted: ‘May I ask you to keep the noise down please ! Don’t want to sound angry !’. Polite much!

Then there’s the tattoos.

Niall is yet to get a permanent inking (as far as we know – he did once almost get a green design on his bum) but the other four lads are covered in dodgy sketches and cartoons.

I can’t help wondering whether they’ll regret some of those etchings in the future. After all, Harry has already admitted that some of his are ‘crap’ (*cough* I agree *cough*).

But the thing that makes me admire Niall most of all is an INCREDIBLE photo I recently stumbled upon from his early X Factor days back in 2010.

The snap sees Niall (who’s looking soooo cute and young) with a name tag on that reads, and I do not joke, ‘Naill‘.

NAILL?! WHAT?! Did whoever made this shoddy sign not realise they were dealing with a future star?! One of the world’s most famous Irishmen?!

But Niall just stands there unfazed by this ridiculous error – and do you know what? I think he’d do the same thing now. Aww. I love ya, Niall.

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