Nude snap left me hot and bothered

When news of an X-rated photo of X Factor boy Harry Styles was brought to my attention this morning, my mature 23-year-old mind warned me not to go there.

But then my feminine curiosity came in to play, and quicker than you can say Caroline Flack I’d typed ‘Harry Styles naked picture’ into Twitter.

I’ve seen my fair share of celebrity packages during my time writing for Now online – Chris Brown (intimidating), Dappy (beyond belief) and what appeared to be Zac Efron (his high school days are way behind him) – so, of course, I wanted to see how 17-year-old Harry compared.

And I was desperate to know if it was more than just his boyish good looks and winning smile that charmed 32-year-old Caroline into sexy sleepovers involving pizza, Family Guy and foot rubs (if that’s what they’re calling it these days).

And so I found it – my gasp soon encouraging my colleagues to gather round my screen like a herd of hungry One Directionettes.

The subject’s face is distorted in the snap because of the camera flash (excuse the pun) – so it might not be Harry – but if it is indeed the Cheshire cutie, I wouldn’t blame him for shouting from the rooftops/informing his 1,469,953 followers on Twitter that it’s no fake.

The curly-haired culprit wears a Harry-style dog tag necklace and stands in the bathroom – where the fittings are very similar to those in The X Factor house – his boxers round his knees (FYI, lads – totally unsexy), with it all proudly hanging out.

Ladies and gentleman, if this is Harry Styles, age is about the only thing he’s lacking. Good on you, Caroline.

And if you’ve got this far without Googling ‘Harry Styles naked’, ‘Harry Styles penis’ or ‘Harry Styles willy’, well, you’re a better person than me.

Go on, check it out…

P.S. Harry has now denied the saucy snap is him.

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Esme Riley

Twitter: @Esme88