My Friday feature revealing who I've loved and loathed over the last seven days in showbiz


Freedom! Independence! Finally breaking free!

Yes, I couldn’t be happier for Katie – a favourite of mine from her time starring in Dawson’s Creek – for being brave enough to walk away from her marriage to Tom Cruise, despite her husband remaining one of the most powerful men in Hollywood.

What I have learned about the cult of Scientology over the years disturbs me. While Tom is free to choose his religion, I certainly wouldn’t want my child growing up surrounded by all that.

So, as a result, I understand Katie’s desire to get out and, if the rumours are to be believed, seek full custody of her daughter Suri.

Once again, this failed marriage is even more proof that Hollywood stars need to think first and marry later. Much later!

Katie was obsessed by Tom, who was her teenage idol, growing up. But there’s a very big difference between a poster on your wall and the father of your child.



The less said about this woman the better. But my anger towards a then-17-year-old Harry Styles 32-year-old bit on the side grows every day.

I was disgusted when I saw the married radio DJ, who had a brief sexual relationship with the One Direction star, parade her hapless husband Oliver around in front of paparazzi photographers this week.

I mean, has she not humiliated the man enough? Can you imagine the reaction among his mates in the pub about the fact his wife had a fling with a teenage pop star?

It’s all just so wrong, even if the couple happened to be on a break at the time.

I wonder how long it will take her to kiss and tell…

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