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From the first time I met him behind the scenes at The X Factor when he was a wide-eyed contestant in 2010, One Direction star Liam Payne has been impeccably well mannered, sensible and polite.

His bandmates call the 19-year-old the Gary Barlow of the group’ for his leadership qualities and wise-beyond-his-years approach to showbusiness.

But the last few months has been a rollercoaster ride for Liam. First, he received the unexpected news he had two kidneys in working order (for his entire life he’d believed he only had one).

Then, he broke up with his dancer girlfriend Danielle Peazer and started to ‘date’ fellow X Factor star Leona Lewis.

So when I met up with Liam for my series of in-depth and personal exclusive interviews for 1D Month in Now magazine, it was clear he’s struggling just a little bit with his new circumstances.

But his main concern remained his ex. He told me: I’m not so much worried about me, whatever happens I’ll live and deal with it.

‘I’m more worried about Danielle because I don’t want people harassing her for any reason.

‘Obviously she’s got a lot on her mind at the moment without people saying things on the internet or going to her doorstep. She doesn’t need that right now.’

I was glad to hear Liam‘s clear bill of health has meant he’s started to have a drink or two for the first time and generally let his hair down. Not that he has much hair now thanks to his newly shorn do.

Next week Niall Horan is in the hot seat and it’s an interview 1D fans won’t want to miss because he’ll finally clear up those Demi Lovato rumours.


It’s hard to know where to start with this one, but anyone who watched Panorama on Monday night will be as disgusted as me about the allegations of sexual abuse by the former star of the BBC.

Equally disgusting is the fact that both the police and the BBC seemingly never exposed the iconic Jim’ll Fix It host, despite numerous opportunities to do so.

Thank goodness ITV had the guts to broadcast the initial documentary that resulted in this tidal wave of revelations about the presenter.

There can be no real justice for Jimmy‘s victims, given he is no longer here to face it. But let’s hope something like this will never be allowed to happen at the BBC again.

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