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This week marked the start of the very exciting 1D Month in Now. Every week I have world exclusive interviews with the five members of the biggest band in the world.

They’re in-depth and personal chats about everything from their love lives to celebrity feuds.

It all kicked off with Zayn this week, who was quick to dispel rumours he’s planning to leave One Direction any time soon.

In fact, when I asked if he could see the band performing together when they’re 40 like Take That, he replied: Definitely. We want to stick together as a group for as long as people are supporting us and listening to our music.’

While Zayn has a reputation for being a bad boy, he’s actually just very reserved and shy. I’ve known him since he auditioned for X Factor in 2010 and one-on-one he is polite and intelligent.

On Tuesday, I unveil week two of 1D Month. It’s Liam Payne in his most revealing interview ever. You won’t want to miss it!


After watching Lucy Mecklenburgh be humiliated yet again on Sunday night’s episode of The Only Way of Essex as it was revealed her fiancé Mario Falcone had been sharing flirty text messages with yet another girl, I commented on Twitter as I often do.

Is Lucy really naive enough to keep on talking about Mario‘s “messages”? It’s clearly a lot more than that,’ I tweeted through my account @danwootton, referring to Now‘s revelations earlier this year of the Essex lad being up to a lot more than swapping the odd Tweet with another woman.

Within seconds Mario used the social networking site to tell me to f*** off’ before tweeting two nasty (and inaccurate) comments about me. While he later deleted the tweets and direct messaged me to apologise, the damage was done.

It shocks me that the current crop of TOWIE ‘stars’ think they can appear on a show based entirely on sharing every intimate detail of their personal lives, yet somehow be immune to any sort of comment on their actions.

The show’s original stars, especially Mark Wright, Lauren Goodger and Amy Childs, realised that they had made their love lives public and embraced the controversy that came with it.

For TOWIE to survive it needs to axe these pointless nobodies (and I include Chloe Sims, Billi Mucklow and Cara Kilbey in that description), quick smart.

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