I’m a celebrity journalist, not a fashionista. But I need to get something off my chest. I confess, I just want to BE Victoria Beckham

She’s stolen my heart and the hardened heart of the fashion world. Victoria Beckham is now NBFF with the Devil Wears Prada-esque editor of American Vogue, Anna Wintour, who sat on the front row (or ‘the frow’ as it’s called) of her New York Fashion Week show.

I know that on Friday they’re even hosting a prestigious fashion dinner together in LA.

Now, I want to be at that dinner. And not just for the posh nosh.

Usually when I’m writing about Victoria Beckham it’s about how fit her hubby is or how cute little girl Harper is.

To be honest though – and I’m sure my new girl crush Victoria won’t mind me admitting it – I’ve never been a fan of her.

Well why should I be? Victoria Beckham is so fashion, and I’m so, like, NOT.

I literally know absolutely naff all about it. And hell, it’s not like I could ever afford a designer VB handbag either…

I’ve never been stylish. I like to look my best but I’m hardly a clotheshorse. I’ve got a couple of designer handbags and a few pairs of expensive shoes, but most days my clothes are two sizes too big, my shoe of choice is a trainer and (gasp) I’m usually so last season!

Let’s face it, I seriously need to be VB’d. Because for someone who knows nothing about fashion, I know that somehow the mum-of-four from Harlow, Essex, looks bloody ace. All of the time. Even after an 11-hour flight.

I love Vic’s massive shades, smart mid-length cut tailored dresses and her chic brightly-coloured handbags – she just gets it right.

To top it all off, this week, Victoria Beckham posed with legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld at the former home of Coco Chanel in Paris on a photoshoot for a monthly fashion glossy and described it as ‘a dream come true.’

Seriously, can you get any more fashion than that?

Because when it comes to looking A-list chic VB is simply the dog’s danglies of it all!

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