…And when you find one let me know

Zayn Malik‘s ex Rebecca Ferguson has made shock claims that she can’t find a man she can trust.

But the burning question is, what hope is there for any of us if someone as beautiful and talented as Rebecca can’t find a good guy?

I’m assured there are still some guys out there from our generation who would never cheat.

Yet, the more I start to think about it the less convinced I become.

Look at Ashley Cole and Cheryl, Vernon Kay‘s sexy texts to Rhian Sugden behind Tess Daly‘s back, Ronan Keating and dancer Francine Cornell, Mark Owen and his 10 affairs…

Those are just the ones we can mention.

And I don’t think it’s just the celebs.

When I think back on my relationships, I wouldn’t stake my life on any of them having been 100 per cent faithful. I may well be wrong – but I certainly wouldn’t gamble on it.

I think today as well, with texting, BBM, and direct messages there’s a whole level of temptation out there – and a whole new definition of cheating.

Who hasn’t sent a few flirty texts or Tweets? How easy is that to do at the touch of a button compared to 15 years ago, when someone would have had to actually go out and meet another person behind their partner’s back?

And let’s face it Rebecca, it’s not just the guys who are harder to tame – look at Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson, or Lucy Mecklenburgh playing away with Mark Wright.

So what’s the answer for Rebecca?

Will she bump into The One and have a happy ever after?

Will she discover the love of her life has been right under her nose for years?

Indeed will she have any kind of ending that resembles a Hollywood romcom?

Despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary, I still foolishly hold on to the myth that there are some lovely decent guys out there.

And I reckon this time next year Rebecca will be loved up with a lovely guy wishing she’d never muttered those words.

And hopefully, she’ll have sent me his brother’s number!

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