How the Abba musical Mamma Mia taught us everything we need to know about love and relationships

It seems like forever ago that feel-good film Mamma Mia turned our lives around, leaving us boogying around the kitchen to catchy Abba hits. Don’t deny it – Dancing Queen made a regular appearance in your ‘Recently Played’ list.

The musical rom-com, released in 2008, starred some of Hollywood’s biggest names including Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan and Amanda Seyfried, on and let’s not forget the gorgeous Dominic Cooper. It tells the tale of Sophie Sheridan (Amanda), who’s one wish is to find her real dad to walk her down the aisle

Not only is it one of the THE most addictive films EVER, but it’s practically a fountain of knowledge, offering up a wealth of advice for 20-something gals (and guys).

Who needs google eh? Check out the FIVE things we learnt from Mamma Mia…


Tempted to flick through your mum’s OPEN diary? Err, don’t. Even if you have to tie your hands together with string. Just don’t do it. Sophie made this catatrophic error and discovered her mum Donna (Meryl) was a bit of a bed-hopper in her day…


…meaning Sophie has three potential fathers; Sam, Bill and Harry….need we say more? Always wear protection people, unless you want to end up on an episode of Jeremy Kyle.


When the three ‘dads’ invade Sophie’s hen party, all hell breaks loose. In fact, the bride-to-be is so overwhelmed, she faints. Nightmare!


Emotions runs deep during ABBA hit, Slipping Through My Fingers as Sophie asks Donna to give her away at the wedding. It’s like the special bond between mum and daughter has changed – Sophie’s no longer a child…


In the end, Sophie doesn’t even marry fiance Sky. Instead of saying ‘I Do’, the pair decide to travel the world, something they’ve always wanted to do. So if you’re a twenty-something, eager to settle down…WAIT. What’s the rush? Go explore, see some sights, do some crazy things and then put a ring on it.

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Lily Anderson and Lucy Gornall