It's finally official. And, as if that wasn't enough, Sarah Harding has joined Twitter too...


10 DAYS! That’s how long we have to wait to hear what the heck is happening next with Girls Aloud. And who can wait that long? Not I. That’s like… forever. Especially when we’ve been waiting for THREE YEARS to see our favourite girl band reunited.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or, like, busy working or something), you’ll already know that it all got really exciting in the Girls Aloud camp today.

Sarah Harding finally joined Twitter (hoorah!) and a new Girls Aloud Twitter account appeared which all the girls reTweeted.

Its only Tweet says: ‘Ten’ linking to a cryptic new Girls Aloud website with a clock counting down the seconds until next Friday 19 October.

So it’s obvious Cheryl, Nadine Coyle, Kimberley Walsh, Nicola Roberts and Sarah Harding are reuniting for their 10-year anniversary. We all knew THAT.

But we need to know EVERYTHING and nobody is confirming anything.

Well, Nicola Roberts might… Let’s not forget, she spilled the beans in the first place when she appeared on This Morning in August, admitting: ‘It’s our tenth birthday in November so we will definitely be celebrating.’ Before adding: ‘I wanna tell you everything but I really can’t!’

Doh. She’s such a surprise-spoiler!

So, seeing as you’re probably just as excited as us (why wouldn’t you be?), let’s examine the few nuggets of knowledge we have.

All five girls are tipped to perform together again on Strictly Come Dancing next Friday (19th). Kimberley Walsh is a contestant after all, so if that doesn’t get her to top of the leader board, what will?

And if Girls Aloud appear on Strictly then it’s a great big slap-in-the-face for The X Factor and Cheryl‘s ‘frenemy’ Simon Cowell (who probably isn’t her number one fan after what she’s said about him in her new book). But our dancefloor spy tells us Girls Aloud won’t reunite on the show next week: ‘Girls Aloud will perform on Strictly but it won’t be this weekend or too soon…’

So what is happening in 10 days?!

Girls Aloud are also thought to be releasing a Greatest Hits album for Christmas, along with some new material.

We also know Girls Aloud have already filmed a video for their comeback single.

It’s. All. Too. Much.