The One Direction singer isn't a real star unless he can sew like Spider-Man

Watching Harry Styles cruising around Los Angeles in a £195K Ferrari is enough to make you pinch yourself, but at least it’s real.

But to really enjoy an action adventure like The Amazing Spider-Man, you have to suspend a certain level of disbelief.

I have no problem with jumping on board the buy-in bandwagon to accept the temporary existence of radioactive spiders, giant reptilian-human hybrids and the idea that an awkward teenager can transform into a gravity-defying, crime-fighting vigilante.

I’m even willing to buy that Spidey’s love interest, Gwen Stacy, is not only top of her high school class but moonlights as chief intern at weapons manufacturer Oscorp Labs.

But even though Peter Parker‘s a brilliant scientific genius and they’ve included a movie montage to prove it, there is no way I will believe that this kid managed to make his web-slinging costume himself.


There are very few men on this Earth who can use a simple needle and thread to mold spandex and rubber into such a detailed form-fitting work of art – and they’re all creating haute couture for top fashion houses like Christian Dior and Balenciaga.

Peter shouldn’t be wasting his time swinging through skyscrapers. Karl Lagerfeld should be offering him a job!

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