I'm sad. How could this happen?

I was a loyal Chris Moyles listener for the whole 10 years he presented the breakfast show. Loads of my friends hated him and his brash sense of humour – which often crossed a line, and wasn’t exactly feminist-friendly – but I was unashamedly addicted.

And I was gutted when the show finished.

But I’m even more gutted now that it’s emerged that Chris and his radio sidekick, Dave ‘Comedy Dave’ Vitty, have fallen out, big time.

Photos of Chris on hols with Dave‘s ex-wife, Jayne Sharp have been published in the papers, and I’m gutted.

Understandably, Dave isn’t happy that Chris went off on holiday with his ex-wife.

Chris and Jayne insist they are just friends, and their friendship had nothing to do with the end of Dave and Jayne‘s relationship – but now Dave and Chris are no longer speaking.

When relationships break up it’s always tricky – but it’s your duty to stick with your best mate. Chris, you did a bad, bad thing! Poor Dave.

And I’m left wondering, were the pair faking being friends for the last year of the show? Was it all a sham? If it was, I feel a bit cheated, to be honest.

And did the show perhaps in fact end because Dave and Chris could no longer stand each other?

The pair reportedly had separate parties when the show ended. Not exactly the behavior of best mates.

I guess we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors – but I have a feeling the sudden ending of the The Chris Moyles Show may have had something to do with Chris‘s decision to holiday with his best mate’s ex-wife.

Boohoo. The world is now a different place for me.

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