He says he’s a changed man – and I reckon the award of England captaincy proves this

There’s props cause for party times in the Rooney household this weekend – not only is Coleen preggers with the couple’s second child, but Wild Wayne (which is my U-rated tame-name for the Man U striker) has been awarded captaincy for today’s England game.

My, how the pair have grown up!

Of course, some of you Rooney-skeptics might not agree with my well wishes.

And I’m certainly not the infamous hair-transplant man’s biggest fan.

Although, that’s more to do with the fact I’m a lover of football and therefore a hater of everything Manchester United. (My team’s Birmingham City in case you’re asking… #NoCommentsPlease)

But in all seriousness, Wayne really hasn’t spent the majority of his career leading by example has he?

Neither on nor off the pitch – with the pinnacle of his utter-totes-ridiculousness being when he cheated with a prostitute while Coleen was pregnant with baby Kai in 2009.

Amazingly, Coleen found the strength to forgive and stand by her childhood sweetheart, despite all the backlash from the public.

And she’s made no secret of her desire to extend their family.

She told her 840,000 Twitter followers that she was ‘bursting with excitement’ over her pregnancy and last year revealed she’d like four little Wayne and Waynetta’s pitter pattering around their mansion.

Naturally, there’s a part of me that seriously wonders whether Wayne has put those cheating, lashing out on the pitch and stomping about like a spoilt toddler days behind him for good.

But he’s insisted he’s a changed man and, to be fair, things have been eerily quiet on the Rooney-scandal front, while the couple appears more united every time I see them.

So maybe, just maybe, he’s one of the few footballers who can learn from his mistakes.

So I’m gonna move Wayne down a notch on my celeb-o-hater chart and give him the benefit of the doubt that he’ll treat Coleen with the respect the mother of his child deserves. And that he’ll walk onto that Wembley pitch tonight and do our country proud.

And that should be no hard feat, really.

He’s had the pride, honour and dignity of Team GB to inspire him during the London Olympics and Paralympics.

So good luck Wayne and Coleen on your exciting new chapter.

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