Is abusive Justin Lee Collins' career over now? Listen to this sick audio recording of the comedian shouting at ex Anna Larke and judge for yourself

I wasn’t sure what I made of the Justin Lee Collins saga until I listened to the audio tapes of his abuse.

As I sat listening to the TV star hurl a tirade of abuse at his then-girlfriend Anna Larke, I felt sick.

It began with: ‘When you’re f****** with me you look at the f****** ground, you look at a tree, you look at a bench, you look at any f***** inanimate object, you do not look at any other human being, you slag, do you understand?’

I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say the F-word so many times. He called her every name under the sun, shouting with such bitterness and hatred.

I couldn’t help feel so nervous for her as the tape went on, waiting for her secret recording to be discovered. And dreading what he was going to say or do next.

As she sat saying nothing unless he ordered her to, I felt her pain.

Having had a taster (on a much lesser scale) of a similar kind of relationship, my confidence was gradually chipped away at for years. If was by no means as bad as this case but it still had a massive affect on me.

I was a young vulnerable target at the time and he took full advantage of that with bizarre controlling mind games, every email had to be carefully worded and arguments always twisted around to being my fault. Comments about any slight weight gain or loss, nothing was ever good enough.

Staying with someone like that is a hell of a lot easier than going. The good times are enough to keep you there. Your mind is no longer yours to make any kind of decision to leave.

At least Anna only stuck with it for seven months… After several years, just one counselling session was all it took for me to realise it was OK to get out of a mixed-up relationship.

And now another ex, Jo Vandervlist has come out of the woodwork with a similar story to tell of emotional abuse suffered at the hands of Justin Lee Collins.

She claims he even analysed how quickly she responded to his text messages, once commenting on the fact she took a whole 11 minutes to reply. ‘He sucked the life out of me,’ she says. ‘He gets under your skin and before you know it he is controlling you.’

I used to love watching Justin Lee Collins and Alan Carr on TV together on the Friday Night Project. I wonder what Alan makes of it all. He has kept a dignified silence so far.

Justin’s smug smiles after his pathetic punishment of 140 hours community service were sickening.
The only positive is that hopefully women in similar situations will find the courage to seek help.