Or at least, she WILL do soon, I know it. And this is why...

Unbelievably, Robert Pattinson has forgiven Kristen Stewart for cheating on him and today we saw the proof.


Splashed all over the front of a newspaper, Kristen Stewart can be seen snuggling into R-Pattz, looking as miserable as she normally does, and like nothing ever happened.

I mean seriously, love, your drop-dead-gorgeous hunk of a man has just forgiven you for the absolutely unforgivable – at least look happy about it!

For Kristen Stewart is one hell of a (miserable looking) lucky lady.

We know this already because she’s been dating Robert Pattinson for four years. Therefore, you’d think she already knows how lucky she is too. But miserable Kristen Stewart clearly doesn’t because she cheated on him. What a fool she is. But he’s the bigger fool.

A relationship is never the same again after one of you has cheated.

I wish I had known that when it happened to me.

I forgave my love rat ex. And then he did it again… and again… and again.

I wonder if Robert Pattinson would forgive Kristen Stewart if she did it again?

When it happened to me I was in denial. Crumbs, when I found a 12 inch long ginger hair in my bed I even questioned the colour of my own peroxide blonde locks.

Let’s not mention the empty glasses of wine by the bed and bits of cheap make-up all over my sofa (not mine!).

Fortunately R-Pattz didn’t even need to go through that process of questioning what was true or not.

He saw the evidence – those pictures of his beloved girlfriend smooching married father of two, Rupert Sanders, were pretty darn conclusive.

I made excuses for my cheating ex. Then I started blaming myself; I changed everything I could about me because I thought I was to blame. Is R-Pattz just doing the same?

Experience tells me that once the trust has gone and a relationship goes down the pooper, no matter how in love you once were, it’s too hard to try and recapture what you had.

Happy ever after’ only happens in the movies.

And if Robert Pattinson doesn’t realise this first, I wouldn’t be surprised, looking at the most recent pics of them together, if (miserable looking) Kristen Stewart already does.

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