There was so much more to Peaches Geldof than drugs and tragedy

The life of Peaches Geldof and those closest to her is a tragic saga. If it was a book I’d be too upset to want to get to the end, such is the cruel swipe of sadness to this seemingly happy family.

The story may be a painful one but it’s also incredibly interesting, it’s not cold to admit that. The parallels between Peaches and the death of her mum Paula Yates are so eerily similar that they will now be poured over again and again. Because of this I fear that the image of who Peaches really was will get twisted and changed into a mere tragic character, with some of her most brilliant traits being lost in the headlines.

So let me share how I will remember Peaches.

As I’ve said before, if you’re a celebrity all I want is for you to be interesting and I’ll let you get away with acting up. And Peaches certainly was interesting.

She was ballsy, loud, articulate, unique, and very obviously didn’t give a sh*t what anyone else thought about her.

I loved this.

She was a fantastic arguer and never shied away from calling someone out when they were being a total idiot. Alex Turner, Lily Allen, a bunch of journalists, and most famously Katie Hopkins all felt the brunt of her razor-sharp tongue and suffer-no-fools attitude. She was stubborn, stuck to her values and was unapologetic about them.

Her dad Sir Bob Geldof described her the most bonkers out of all of us,’ and she really was. She was quirky, crazy and at times really not for this world. Something that only the most fascinating can be described as. I never tired of seeing pictures or hearing what she had to say, she was beautifully eccentric and now that she’s gone the celebrity world will be a much duller place.

So yes it was her fatal flaw that killed the besotted mother-of-two, but please let’s try and remember her as something more than the reformed bad girl who let her past kill her?


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