Peter Andre, 39, has finally found love again with student Emily Macdonagh, 22 – so why does everyone think that’s so wrong?


Hooray! Peter Andre has finally found love again – with a pretty, classy, intelligent and sophisticated brunette.

It’s news that should please all Peter fans, who have been desperately hoping he’ll find happiness again after his doomed relationship with Jordan.

So why is it then that everyone suddenly has a problem?

Is gorgeous Emily Macdonagh a gold digger? A wag just after fame? A girl with a criminal record for stalking toned Aussie celebs?


She’s a perfectly lovely, hardworking girl with her own career, who is a family friend.
In fact critics have just one problem with her: She’s 22.

Big Deal.

Okay. So she is 17 years Peter‘s junior. She was only six – yes SIX – when he and his well-toned abs first hit the charts with Mysterious Girl.

She was 14 and in year nine when Pete met Jordan in the jungle.

Oh, and she’s actually closer in age to Junior, seven, than Pete.

But – and it’s a big but – so what?

Why is it we seem to have an obsession with age gap relationships being somehow wrong?

Poor Caroline, 32, took the Flack for dating Harry Styles, 17. Fans took 10 years to believe Catherine Zeta Jones, 42, could genuinely be in love with Michael Douglas, 67.

Surely someone should have figured out by now that age really doesn’t matter?

As long as you’re both consenting adults, surely it’s better to be with the person you love regardless of age?

* Find out more about Peter and Emily’s shock new romance in this week’s Now magazine

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