What it's really like to date Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson

Harry Styles’ ‘squeeze’ Cara Delevingne
Age: 20
Job: Burberry supermodel
Love-o-metre: Well jel!
Verdict: I’d swap Louboutins with her immediately.

There’s still no confirmation on the Cara Delevingne and Harry Styles dating rumours (and let’s face it, he’s now been linked to yet another girl – US singer Savannah Phillips), but if they’re true I’m sooo jealous!

Not only has she locked down my future husband (he was miiiine!), but she’s managed to make me fall a bit in love with her too.

Before it was reported in August that Cara was dating Harry after she was spotted leaving the Olympic VIP club in London with him, I didn’t even know who she was – which goes a long way to show my embarrassing lack of fashion knowledge #shameful.

But now she’s my new BIGGIE girl crush – move over Rosie Huntington-Whitely!

It comes as little shock that Cara’s the envy of Harry’s huge army of fans and has received the standard barrage of abuse that comes with being a 1D girlfriend.

Some green-eyed monsters have even taken to Twitter to tell Cara she looks like a dude (vile!) – but I’m completely mesmorised by her.

She was recently described by Vogue as the ‘star face’ of this year’s catwalk season, and frankly her feline features and Kate Moss cheekbones make me want to take a chisel to my own face in a bid to emulate her beauty.(A bit much? Probs)

But if these two become official, Caroline Flack and her three-month affair will be left fading into oblivion…

Zayn Malik’s Little Mix girl Perrie Edwards
Age: 19
Job: Pop star
Love-o-metre: I’m turning green
Verdict: Who wouldn’t want to be a pop star?

There was a time I only had eyes for Harry – and for two long years those eyes didn’t stray – until my heart was melted by pictures of Zayn Malik looking all James Dean-esque, dressed in Ray Bans, skinny jeans and a ciggie dangling out of his mouth (so cliché, so me!).

That was the first time I got a little green over Perrie Edwards.

Even though I’ve always been a Little Mix fan – I bloody loved that En Vogue cover! – and Perrie‘s got a cracking set of pipes on her, she just never really did it for me. Not like Harry’s Cara anyway.

But as Little Mix storm to success, topping the chart with their second number one, Wings, Perrie’s properly storming up in my estimations.

I’m a maniac for girl power and she’s paving the way – with the added bonus of having fit-as Zayn beside her.*goes one shade greener*

Liam Payne’s live-in love Danielle Peazer
Age: 24
Career: Professional dancer
Love-o-metre: Meh…
Verdict: All a bit mushy for me

Danielle Peazer met Liam Payne while she was a backing dancer and he was a contestant on The X Factor and the couple are still completely smitten two years on.

He’s forever looking at her like she’s the only girl in the world, while she’s always harping on about how hard she finds being away from him while he’s on tour.

Sweet, I guess. And I’m sure I’d feel the same in her position – but these two are all a bit mushy for me.

Liam’s even said he wants them to settle down and be married with a family by the time he’s 25 – and there’s nothing wrong with that, unless you’re a bit of a commitment phobe like me.

Even the false allegations that Danielle cheated on Liam with Zayn – which she called hurtful lies’ on Twitter – have failed to spice this relationship up for me. Zzzzzzzzz… Next please!

Louis Tomlinson clever other half Eleanor Calder
Age: 20
Career: Politics and sociology student
Love-o-metre: I’m intrigued
Verdict: I like a girl with brains – watch this space!

Eleanor Calder‘s been described by those who know the couple well as the female version of Louis Tomlinson, which is a bit weird – and I think they look a bit alike too, which is even weirder.

But that aside, I love the fact Eleanor’s got a penchant for politics and is studying the hardcore subject at uni while dating one of the richest and most famous teens in the world.

We need more women repping in the political sphere – and not the kind that are all stuffy and look/dress like men. #standard

We need glam, sassy women who can speak and influence our young TOWIE generation. So keep it up girl, I like your style!

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