Kate Middleton and Wills get sent hundreds of gifts for their baby – and this is what they do with them!

Ever wondered what happens to the hundreds and hundreds of baby gifts that have been sent to Kate Middleton and Prince William since they announced they’re expecting a baby?

Well, I can tell you.

You see, we’re nice folk here at Now magazine, so as soon as we heard Kate was pregnant we sent her and Wills a couple of Baby-gros to celebrate their impending arrival.

I’ll admit they probably weren’t to regal taste – they were emblazoned with the message Where’s my crown?’. But still, cute right?

Alas, the royal couple has decided not to keep them.

Which solves the riddle that has often crossed my mind: What happens to all the baby bumf that Kate and Wills get sent?’ And they must get sent a lot – including some right expensive tat.

I mean, just think of the millions of people – from Kings and Queens to Average Joes – around the WORLD who have sent them pressies.

Well, I always imagined they got donated to charity or, if they really hate it, thrown onto a giant bonfire behind Buck Pal.

But no they get sent back. With an ever so nice letter.

We received our Baby-gros back, all wrapped up and accompanied by a polite message from St James’s Palace saying that however touched’ the Royal couple was by our ‘kind’ gift ‘it will not be possible for them to accept’ it.

Why? Because they only accept presents from ‘people known personally to them’.

Aside from the hefty price this must cost the Palace in postage, this must be a tough emotional decision for Kate.

As a first-time mum-to-be who is due at the same time as Kate, I have been overwhelmed by the amount of stuff a new baby actually needs – and how much it COSTS.

I went to The Baby Show in London last weekend (if you’re expecting I strongly recommend getting tickets) and the plethora of merchandise a baby requires is mind-blowing.

From choosing the right pram (forget Bugaboo, this season it’s all about the Stokke Scoot) to deciding whether we really need a hands-free towel apron, designed mainly for dads who might struggle to hold a baby AND a towel at the same time (I know! And yet, we’ll probably buy one…) – the amount of stuff on offer is enough to make you need a lie-down.

How Kate has the willpower to receive all these things for free and not snaffle them in a back room (let’s face, I bet she’s got a few lying empty) but instead politely send them back is beyond me.

The Duchess of Cambridge, I curtsey to your greatness.

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