And then Dan Osborne took off his shirt and got soapy


Dan Osborne‘s one of the most gorgeous men alive. Fact.

A lot of nearly-naked men – including The Dreamboys – visit the Now office, trying to woo us with their, erm, personalities.

Another fact.

The ‘nearly-naked men’ thing has happened so often (I know, #toughlife) that I am now immune to such visits. Well, most of them. 😉

But then there are the occasions when Dan Osborne makes an appearance at the Now office.

And then time stops.

Because he is one of the most gorgeous men alive. Which you already know.

So when my editor asked me if I was available to interview and FILM a topless and oiled-up Dan Osborne and his new colleagues The Dreamboys while they washed cars in support of charity Balls To Cancer, I was already outside hailing a taxi.

I arrived two minutes later into a sudsy scene of sizzling hot men… washing cars. At least, I think they were washing cars – I was busy drooling.

My next task was interviewing Dan Osborne. I don’t know what the other journalists were asking him about that day, but I think I was the first person to ask him about his balls.

All my questions had to do with his balls.

Dan was shy at first, but then politely answered all my questions about his balls. We talked about his balls for five minutes.

Life couldn’t have been more perfect, except maybe if we were eating pistachio ice cream. It’s my favourite.

But then life did get more perfect, because then I was told I could film The Dreamboys as they washed the cars.

I am not stupid – I knew this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. As I was pointing the camera towards their soapy sets of abs, I found myself saying things like, ‘Can you kiss your bicep?’ and ‘Do you have a back pose you could show me?’

So I had to stop myself. But before I did I edited my work into the life-changing video below – which I have personally watched 50 times.

You’re welcome!

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