Kate Middleton may have hit the jackpot landing Prince William, but it's her little sister Pippa who's the real winner.

This week I’m fascinated by what a crazy 24hr party life Pippa Middleton has, compared to her future-Queen-older-sister Kate.

I’ve been monitoring Middleton The Younger’s movements and boy is she having fun.

Celebrating her 29th birthday, Pippa‘s been gallivanting around New York watching Grand Slam tennis, hanging out at the coolest downtown restaurants and having mega-lolz with her posh pals, who include tennis ace Roger Federer.

‘s also been staying in luxurious rooms. One super-rich ($450million anyone?) hotel owner reportedly even flew her to his resort at the weekend on a specially chartered (and super-pricey) seaplane.

America seems as enamoured with her as they are with Kate. Apparently Pippa‘s been in New York for meetings about the book she’s writing, Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends.

But let’s face it, CAYOFFFAF (catchy) is not a real job, it’s a jolly fun way to pull together her partying knowledge in a book and travel around enjoying life.

And who can blame her? As the younger sibling of someone with such great responsibility, Pippa, like Prince Harry with Prince William, gets all of the benefits of being in the inner circle of a future monarch without any of the hassle Kate faces of having to behave impeccably 100% of the time.

And without the added pressure of being watched constantly in case she does put a foot wrong.

Basically Pippa can party hard and get away with it – and wouldn’t you if you were in her nude LK Bennett wedges?

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