There's One Born Every Minute and it's a life-changing experience


I’m hooked on C4’s One Born Every Minute.

Tears fill my eyes when, after the shock of labour and childbirth, new mums cradle their squidgy-faced little ones and their joy is overwhelming.

Abbey Clancy had Peter Crouch’s 7lb 9oz daughter Sophia Ruby last week and she’s now ‘delirious with happiness’.

‘I can’t stop staring at my beautiful new baby,’ Abbey told Chris Moyles.

‘You know I didn’t feel any pain through the labour because I had an epidural.

‘But when she actually came out it was horrific.’

As I understand it, having your first baby feels as if your body is being torn apart and squeezing a human head out of a channel that normally accommodates a todger is a massive shock.

I was the birthing partner for a good friend who wanted some female support alongside her bloke and, like many of the mums in the C4 series, her birth plan was soon cast aside.

After vowing not to have any drugs at all and longing to stay calmly serene, she was soon begging for anything the nurses at the hospital would give her.

Finally, after many hours of labour, she got a bit delirious and kept repeating: ‘Just get it out, just get it out of me – a mantra I’ve heard more than once on TOBEM.

(They did. With forceps.)

Of course, after her daughter was in her arms, this was all forgotten. My friend lay beaming away with her legs in stirrups while she was stitched up.

Nature makes mums forget the trauma of having a baby but if you’re just the onlooker, you never forget.

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