As Tom and Katie's divorce looms the battle lines are being drawn...

In the avalanche of reports on Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes‘ shock split, there is only one thing that seems certain. If Tom had wanted, as many claim, to end lurid rumours about his off-screen life with this marriage, the bid failed spectacularly.

Videos of him preaching virulently about Scientology, his rants against psychiatry and tales of his supposed bizarre lifestyle have all dominated the headlines, painting a picture of anything but the wholesome all-American guy next door.

The spectacle of a bitter divorce battle looms, with both parties already lashing out. Tom‘s ‘people’ have lambasted Katie for courting the media, with Tom‘s lawyer Bret Fields saying that ‘tactically’ he won’t reveal if Tom will sue his soon-to-be ex in New York or California.

We’re not being funny, but a word like ‘tactically’ is usually used in relation to war moves or strategy in sport.

Presumably, TomKat were at least a bit fond of each other at some point, but the gloves are now off and the ugly spat is being played out for all to see.

While Hollywood types always want to appear faultless, even with Tom‘s power and money that just wasn’t possible.

A-listers are not immune to the agony of divorce and there is no keeping a lid on this.

Perhaps its time we all stopped pretending that these people are more perfect versions of ourselves. Whatever the truth about Tom Cruise‘s ‘religion’ or behaviour, in relationships it turns out he’s human after all.

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