We've done some scientific analysis of Caroline Flack's new bob - and it screams 'love'...

‘Admit it, you’ve thought about snogging Harry Styles haven’t you?’

This is a debate we regularly have in the Now office, followed by lots of giggling and denials. And then a pause, before: ‘yeah, but you would wouldn’t you?’

So when Caroline Flack, 32, spent five hours at the hairdressers today getting her hair chopped into a long bob, we knew what was going on. It’s all the proof we needed, really.

She’s in love with the 17 year old One Direction hottie, isn’t she?

You see, I’ve got a theory. When you start to date someone you instinctively start to mimic their looks and behaviour.

Take exhibit A: Jordan. When she first fell in love with Peter Andre, it took a matter of weeks before she dyed her blonde hair dark to match her new beau. They went on to get married and have two babies (let’s ignore what happened next).

Caroline protests on Twitter that she wanted to swap her long dip dye blonde locks for a slick brunette bob ready for the National Television Awards on Wednesday. But we all know the truth.

Harry, we dare you to cut your hair into a Mohican and see what happens.

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