The former bad girl turned good has - gasp - won my heart

Remember the days when Peaches Geldof would tumble out of clubs every night, with a wild look in her eye?

She was generally off her face (she’s admitted to her past drug use now), and she was, admittedly, totally irritating.

Peaches made an infamous appearance on When Fearne Met Peaches, and she was rude, arrogant and condescending to poor old Fearne Cotton (it was great telly, though).

She should have been at sixth form, getting her A-levels. Or working in a shop to earn some pocket money. You know, doing what your average teenager does.

Instead, she was splashing the cash on alcohol and drugs, and heading for oblivion. In a very obnoxious manner.

Yep, there was a bevy of other hard partying caners in the papers too – Amy Winehouse, for example. But the difference between Peaches and Amy was that Amy had an amazing, genius talent for singing and songwriting. Whereas, Peaches? Yeah. No talent to speak of.

So it was pretty justifiable for the overworked and underpaid British public to hate her. Back in the day, Peaches was the ultimate target for the British tabloids.

But you know what? I think I kind of like Peaches these days. And I never, ever thought I’d be saying that.

It all started after she got pregnant with her first son, Astala, when I got a bit addicted to her Instagram. At first, it was all a bit icky – dogs, cuddles, teapots, pictures of cakes she’d baked.

But with the announcement this week that Peaches is pregnant for the second time, I’ve properly realised – Peaches has grown up. That annoying wild child is gone, and I actually think I like the new, responsible family woman who’s replaced her.

So, haters, shut it.

Peaches has done a Kelly Osbourne, or a Lily Allen. She’s shut her gob a bit, toned down the partying (at least in public), and started acting like an adult, instead of a brat.

And I think we should applaud her for turning her life around.

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