Spend my life sitting around looking pretty at royal functions? No, thanks

Thanks to Disney, I always dreamed of being a princess when I grew up, but now I’m actually old, I don’t think I’d like it very much.

For a start, I’m a bit of a feminist. OK, I’m a totes feminist – and proud of it! So while I love Kate Middleton (and I’m really excited to see what she’s wearing this Jubilee weekend) I’d struggle with people thinking I hadn’t really done anything’ to achieve my social status other than marry a prince.

That’s why I’d much rather be Pippa Middleton than her big sis. While the next big milestone for the Duchess of Cambridge is to make royal babies (each to their own, but no thanks), Pippa’s future is full of endless possibilities that any modern woman should be able to have.

Not only does Pippa enjoy the glamour of being one of the most photographed women in the world and gracing magazine covers, but she’s proving herself in the business world too, juggling between two party-planning jobs.

Pippa’s even landed herself a $622,000 [£404,926] party planning book deal and single-handedly helped boost the entire party planning industry.

Yes, her accomplishments are partly down to the fact she’s Kate’s little sister, so has she truly earned her success yet? Well no, not really, but the point is without those princess shackles she can.

Would anyone bat an eyelid if she became a fashion designer overnight? Or if she started up her own party-planning business. Not at all.

Life’s so much more exciting when the world’s your oyster. So, which sister would you rather be?

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