We have our own homegrown talents, so why should a Hungarian act win?

I loved Attraction from their very first audition for Britain’s Got Talent.

Certainly unique, beautiful and awe-inspiring, I’d not seen anything like it. But when they won the final of BGT on Saturday night I felt my heart sink a little.

The clue’s in the title, I don’t see how a Hungarian act was ever allowed to audition in the first place. Yes they seem lovely and I hold nothing against them, it just feels somewhat wrong.

Judging by the look on Simon Cowell‘s face he quite possibly felt the same as me. It must have topped off his night no end after being pelted with eggs by reject Natalie Holt.

I can’t believe it’s the first time this has happened to him to be honest, he took it on the chin. Shame he had to sit for the rest of the show with his jacket off and shirt gaping open, was this necessary? Who cares.

Attraction‘s other performances left me with tears pricking my eyes, but when their final act had the backdrop of the union jack with Land of Hope and Glory and the voice of Winston Churchill I cringed. They were basically crying out for votes from sentimental Brits of a certain age – it worked.

Comedian Jack Carroll, 14, had winner written all over him, so I’m astonished he didn’t take the title. I always fight for the underdog and Jack is what BGT is all about. He’s British and he has talent, plus he has the unfortunate fact of disability against him as he suffers from cerebral palsy.

Alongside Jack there were great young homegrown talents such as Luminites who I predict will be flashed all over Teen Now before long.

Onesie-wearing Gabz Gardiner wrote and performed her own catchy tracks and yet Britain still didn’t win.

Perhaps it’s time to change the rules.

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