One Direction star Harry Styles has confused me by saying it was just ‘a physical’ thing with Caroline

Oh, Harry, Harry, Harry. What were you thinking?

The lovegod of One Direction Harry Styles has made a schoolboy error, literally – after bragging to a pal’ about his former relationship with Caroline Flack.

The teen heartthrob reportedly told friend Will Sweeney that his three-month affair with the 32-year-old was more of a physical relationship than anything else.’

It’s a flippant comment that in guy code is just a couple of degrees above the never-charming any hole’s a goal’ – and a million miles from the lovestruck lyrics of What Makes You Beautiful. Nice.

So, my first reaction on reading this story in a Sunday tabloid was pure anger on Caroline‘s behalf.

I’ve met her several times and she’s a genuinely lovely, fun girl who doesn’t take herself too seriously – and doesn’t deserve to be talked about like that.

Secondly, surely Harry should have been thanking his lucky stars that his first serious celebrity relationship was with a gorgeous 32-year-old, who I have little doubt took him from zero to hero in the bedroom.

I mean, Pacey in Dawson’s Creek would never have been so cheekily charming if he hadn’t had the confidence boost of bedding his teacher.

Lee Mead must have learnt a few things from Denise Van Outen and Ashton and Demi Moore …(well, actually Ashton was probably well-schooled way before then…)

But my point is Harry owes Caroline a debt of gratitude, if for nothing else than the fact she had to put up with death threats and Internet trolls even after their January split.

Yet just when I was reaching boiling point about his flippant disregard for her (I’m having a man-hating month) it did occur to me that this rather derogatory comment didn’t sound very much like the Harry we know (and wish we could) love.

This is meant to be the same boy who pursued Caroline in a series of romantic gestures including posting a picture asking her out on Twitter.

When stories broke that he’d dumped her, he also jumped online and posted: Please know I did not dump’ Caroline. This was a mutual decision. She is one of the kindest, sweetest people I know.’

Again this is the same teen whose mum Anne last month told Now, how he used to run candle-lit baths for her when she came home from work and regularly cooked her dinner.

So before we all have a go at Harry for his ungentlemanly remarks, I would argue it’s more likely the teen – then just 17 – was just mouthing off and trying to sound nonchalant in front of his school pals.

I mean, we’ve all seen The Inbetweeners and boys that age aren’t exactly open with their feelings, whatever teen dramas like One Tree Hill would have us believe.

Caroline certainly seems to have taken his remarks with a pinch of salt as she turned up smiling at The X Factor auditions in Glasgow.

Maybe it’s just made her think twice about dating someone quite so immature next time.


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