Today he's been pictured cockily showing off his abs. Gross. Here are some more embarrassing Bieber moments

I wish Justin Bieber would go away. Ok, so I’m 20-something and I’m definitely NOT his target audience.

But I do have an appreciation for all things pop. I love me a bit of One Direction and Conor Maynard. I adore pop culture in general – I work at Now magazine, how couldn’t I?!

But for God’s sake, give me Harry Styles and his silly tattoos and curly mop head ANY DAY over Justin preened to perfection’ Bieber.

JUSTIN‘S GODDAMN HAIR! It is the hair that gets me the most.

Imagine how many people he has to tease it to perfection. I’m guessing, like, six or seven? That’s just to turn the GHDs on, obvs.

And the constant wearing of sunglasses indoors. NOT COOL.

And THE SHOES. Biebs, mate, you’re not Kanye West. You’re singing about eating fondue round a campfire. Get that studded leather off, immediately.

Today I heaved a bit when I saw these pics of Justin flashing his puny abs to the camera, totally on purpose in Miami.

Look, and try not to vomit on your keyboard. I CHALLENGE YOU!

Justin is also rocking some rather nasty footwear (winged trainers, no less. Who do you think you are, Justin, the Greek god Hermes? UGH).

Seriously, the fashion police need to arrest the smug pop star’ and lock him away somewhere forever, whilst making him listen to Baby on repeat for the rest of his life.

I really wish he’d disappear and stop pretending he has Canada swag’ (the ACTUAL name of his Instagram account).

Urgh. He has as much swag as a plastic bag.

Check out the picture gallery above. I took great joy in looking for the douche-iest pictures of Justin I could find. I hope they brighten up your Tuesday morning (and make you feel better about yourself).


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