Celebs love a good cause, but this is one of the breast

This week the Now Features team were guests at Breast Cancer Care‘s annual fashion show and celebrity-packed, glamorous dinner to highlight Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October.

We’re lucky enough to go to a lot of events, but this particularly was one I didn’t want to miss.

My mum has battled the disease and I myself have had two scares – one that required a needle biopsy after finding a lump and one about seven years later that required a mammogram and a fairly terrifying wait for the results.

Both, thankfully, were just that – scares – and I was lucky enough to have an amazing doctor and a lovely partner to hold my hand through it each time.

Wednesday’s event boasted celebrities who’ve had their own experience of the disease and those keen to lend their support, including Loose Women’s Andrea McLean, Barbara Windsor, stunning actress Amanda Mealing, Tamara Ecclestone and Geri Halliwell, who has been a supportive patron of the charity for 12 years and who sang live on the night (well you can’t have everything).

But the most emotive and life-affirming bit of the evening was when 22 beautiful women and two very dapper men who’ve all battled the disease (yep, guys get breast cancer too) took to the catwalk as models for the fashion show.

Among those 24 were some with incurable cancer. They’re losing an exhaustive fight against this wretched disease and yet, despite being in its grip, there they were – grinning, laughing and sassily strutting their stuff to a standing ovation from the room.

Bet those posh fashion types at the shows in Paris or Milan don’t cheer as loudly as this audience did.

We were in the presence of outstanding bravery and strength that I’m not sure I’d be able to exhibit were I in their position.

But it’s likely at some point I may have to.

Because Breast Cancer Care (who offer invaluable and comforting support to those with the disease) tell me the latest figures confirm 137 women in the UK are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK every day.

Think about that for a second: today 137 women heard their doctor say you’ve got breast cancer’.

Tomorrow, another 137 will be told they have it too. And the next day. And the next.

If you’re a woman reading this, you have a one in eight chance of hearing those words yourself during your life.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re Kylie Minogue, or a new mum, or a new bride, or a career woman, or rich, poor, black or white – breast cancer doesn’t discriminate.

Early diagnosis is key to recovery, so boys and girls tell your mums, sisters, girlfriends, wives and mates to check themselves.

If they’re not used to doing it or not sure how to, the latest issue of Now has tips and a guide.

And wear your pink ribbon proudly this month! Breast cancer is now twice as common as any other cancer in the UK, so it’s crucial we continue to fund research into finding a way to beat this hellish disease.

I believe we can beat it. We have to, right?

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