Hollyoaks star Stephanie Davis flashes bare bum, smooches Dirty Sexy Things star, and puckers up to brunette beauty, but at least she's given us something to talk about...

Okay, I admit I guffawed when I saw that picture of Hollyoaks star Stephanie Davis mooning to the world. But I also feel seriously sorry for her.

The soap actress had the bare (faced) cheek to make an utter arse of herself at the British Soap Awards – after the (sort-of) hunky model she was snogging accidentally got a bit carried away and flashed her knickerless bum to the world.

Fast forward 24 hours and not only does the 19-year-old have to battle a hangover but EVERYONE reading the papers and the Internet can see 1) She went to the biggest awards show of her career in a mini dress and no pants and, arguably worse, 2) She played tonsil tennis with Dirty Sexy Things‘ most arrogant model Jay Camilleri.

That’s got to strike a bum note with her bosses, for sure.

If that’s not enough for you to crack a smile, I had a further chuckle that the picture emerged on the SAME day the teen (who plays mouthy student Sinead) Tweeted fans telling them to check out her fashion and style article in one of the Sunday tabloids.

Yep, you couldn’t make it up.

This is the same ‘classy girl’ who was last year linked to One Direction‘s Zayn Malik (who’s now dating Little Mix‘s Perrie Edwards). I rather feel she wouldn’t have passed the clean-cut One Direction girlfriend test.

But while we can laugh at Steph‘s misfortune, I must admit I do feel a pang of pity (and also admiration) for her.

First, she argues that she was actually wearing pants (but if that’s true that’s got to be the thinnest thong we have ever seen) and secondly haven’t we all done a few silly things on a bit too much fizz – especially when we’re just a teenager?

I count my lucky, lucky stars that my teenage gaffes came long before Facebook. And even in my (slightly) more mature years, I’m thankful I’m not famous with paps on my tail.

Had I been, they would definitely have a few juicy shots: the time the scary combo of 6in heels and prosecco caused a rather nasty fall with an even nastier trip to the dentist; the unfortunate incident at last year’s Radio One Big Weekend where me and my partner-in-crime were politely asked to leave the whole of Carlisle (his fault, not mine); and, how can I forget, the shame-faced moment my former boss politely suggested I might want to leave the Christmas party … that second, or else.

So that’s why I feel sorry for her. But why, you ask, do I admire her?

Well every time I did something silly after a night of Pinot Grigios, my boss would always paraphrase Oscar Wilde, saying: ‘The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about’.

And it’s true.

So I wonder was Steph thinking the same thing?

Let’s face it she’s certainly not shy about her colourful lovelife.

Jay – who she was snogging on Saturday – is the bisexual model who starred on E4’s Dirty Sexy Things who, until a couple of weeks ago, was dating Playing it Straight’s Danny (the one with the cap who was BFFs with hunky farrier Dean).

And he wasn’t the only one she was getting hot and heavy with that night. She also reTweeted a picture of her full on snogging gorgeous brunette singer Peaches Williams just hours earlier inside the afterparty at Café De Paris.

So does Steph maybe know exactly what she’s doing?

Admittedly she’s young and having fun (something Tulisa is keen to sing about) but she’s got us all talking about her.

I mean, hands up who really knew her name before these pictures emerged?

And losing a bit of dignity flashing your bum to become a household name, certainly beats landing on it week after week on Dancing On Ice like her co-star Jorgie Porter.

I’m sure Steph will be horrified at such an idea. But I’m also sure we’ll never get to the, erm, bottom of it…

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