The truth.

In the past 24 hours I’ve been branded a ‘liar’ and ‘prick’ by Eleanor Calder, an angry former flame of a One Direction‘s Louis Tomlinson, in front of an audience of millions.

But the problem with being called a ‘liar’ is that it implies you’ve made something up.

‘Nice to see you again,’ the same girl smiled as she greeted me the Sunday before last (28 February). ‘Congratulations on your book,’ she added, referencing a recent release of mine. In case you’re wondering, me and Eleanor once lived within walking distance of each other and had met on many occasions.

In fact, during her days with Louis, when she was a student and I was a celeb loving YouTuber and a showbiz radio reporter, we’d even shared a drunken gossip about his boyband tales, giggled about the other 1D girlfriends and genuinely had a pleasant time.

As we then chatted and caught up by The Boundary restaurant in East London, my attention turned to a particular glum looking Sophia Smith, the ex girlfriend of Liam Payne, who was by her side. ‘How are you?’ I asked, while we discussed the fact that just hours prior her boybander ex had confirmed his romance with none other than Cheryl with the most surprising showbiz selfie of the year.

We then proceeded to have a friendly chat about Cheryl and Liam and how their romance was captivating the whole country.

Sophia branded the new couple ‘so weird,’ and shared various other thoughts on them, that you can read in this week’s Now magazine. And as I promoted the exclusive chat online on Monday night (7 March), Sophia’s sister, Zoe, publicly slammed me on social media while Eleanor quickly denied the whole thing.

‘Shocked and embarrassed for you that you’d make that up,’ Eleanor wrote on Instagram, as my inbox started to ping with thousands of abusive messages supporting her. ‘You and I both know that [the interview with Sophia] is a load of shit and she doesn’t deserve for you to spread lies.’

The main issue here? When you’re involved in the biggest showbiz story of the year so far, it’s probably best not to tag your exact location to millions of people online.


Crazed fans will follow, nearby journalists will jump at the chance for an interview and the world will know exactly where you are. That’s exactly what happened last Sunday as I trotted off to the East London eatery the pair had checked themselves into, to try my luck at getting a huge scoop on a story that was continuing to break.

And that’s the truth behind the story… can we call off the Twitter lynch mob now?

  • Sim

    What is this article?

  • tatiana

    So YOU an ex celeb stalker that vlogged about it turned interviewer, stalked eleanor and sophia (eleanor is a lifestyle/fashion blogger its part of her job to promote places she goes out to lol) to get information for a story without getting their permission. If you’re going to use information from a chat either tell them or go under an anonymous name. You’re an idiot good luck trying to make it in this business.

  • Glyn Ruck

    Trash Journalism of doubtful veracity. I don’t believe a word you say!

  • lindsay

    So… This was supposed to make you seem LESS like a prick? Lol

  • Madsxx

    Josh is trying to make himself look like a victim now? Please. People have a right to get offended when a gossip journalist claims things that aren’t true. So Eleanor and Sophia’s sister put you in your place for lying. Serves you right. Josh has no business trying to get information about Liam from Sophia. Leave the girl alone.

  • What you did was gross and not okay. Whatever you reported may have been true (I don’t know or care as all of this is irrelevant), but you were just a slimy journalist like the rest of them, using a friendly conversation as an exclusive interview.

  • Ask Harry

  • Edward Budworth

    You are a man with no journalistic integrity who entered in to conversation with two people you’d met a couple of times. Didn’t tell them you were going to use what they said as an interview. You have misrepresented them by falsely claiming you had interview. Go back to journalism school mate,and learn off the record comments cannot be used in an interview. You have basically just risked what little integrity Now Magazine had left by lying about having an interview with someone. I hope both Ms Calder and Ms Smith bring a libel case against you. You have abused the trust of both Ms Calder and Ms Smith to publish an entirely false and fabricated story. You cannot back it up with audio you claim to have on Twitter as I’m willing to bet the audio was obtained without Ms Calder or Ms Smith’s knowledge or permission. You don’t have a leg to stand on legally mate. Good luck to you if they choose to sue you!

  • Cari

    So you stalked them (again). Excellent journalistic integrity there. No wonder no one trusts the media anymore, you’re all vultures.

  • Kev

    I just want to know if you know how big Louis Tomlinson’s d*ck is?

  • SarahAH30

    Unless you explicitly told them you were there as a journalist and would print what they said and not talking them as someone El obvioulsy trusted then you are clearly in the wrong.

  • Augusta P Hazelmore

    So what I read from that is that they didn’t give you an interview, they were just chatting to you. Probably, what they thought was, in confidence. I suspect that you’ve also embellished your tale to make it more marketable. Basically you’ve used the trust that they had in you and your friendship to your advantage.