From young starlet to glamorous worldwide superstar, Adele has certainly changed over the years


Adele has undergone quite the transformation over the years, having gone from BRIT School student to global superstar, and her look has changed along the way too.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Buzz Foto/REX Shutterstock (5421489a) Adele Adele out and about, New York, America - 23 Nov 2015

Looking gorgeous!

Our gallery charts the singer’s weight loss story in pictures – and you might be surprised by just how different she looks these days!


As our first pictures show, Adele makes herself known on the music scene in 2008 and seems comfortable in her own skin.

The London-born star dresses her curves in casual clothing and is snapped smoking following an appearance on GMTV in January 2008.

By 2009 Adele starts to channel a more glamorous image following the success of debut album 19. She makes the most of her assets and often cinches in her slim waist in chic black dresses.

The award-winning star appears shapelier than ever in March 2011 when she’s photographed looking slightly dishevelled near her home in London. It comes shortly after the release of second record 21, which goes on to become the biggest-selling album of the 21st century.


Despite having an incredible year, Adele suffers a potential setback and has to have surgery on her vocal cords due to a polyp.

She emerges looking very different whilst in recovery in December 2011, having clearly lost quite a bit of weight.


Fortunately she appears to be on the mend and is back to her usual self at the Brit Awards in 2012, where her voice sounds as good as she looks!

Adele welcomes her first child, a son called Angelo, with partner Simon Konecki in late 2012 so we don’t see much of the singer whilst she’s busy being a mum.

By February 2013 she’s back in the public eye and is glowing just months after giving birth when she attends the Grammy Awards.

It becomes clear in 2014 that Adele has slimmed down, particularly when she looks almost unrecognisable in a selfie with Katy Perry.


Finally in 2015 the much-loved star makes her musical comeback after several years away and sports an enviable figure whilst doing promotional work for third album 25 in London.

During this time she excitingly said she was preparing for a possible tour (scream!) by cutting back on sugar and carbs, although not completely – ‘I’d never deprive myself like that!’ she said.

Adele laugh GIF

She also talked about how she’s been hitting the gym, ‘to get in shape for myself, but not to be a size zero or anything like that.’ Atta girl!

And refreshingly, she admitted she finds working out just as difficult as we do.


‘I’m not, like, skipping to the f***ing gym,’ she laughs. ‘I don’t enjoy it. I do like doing weights. I don’t like looking in the mirror.’

She adds: ‘Blood vessels burst on my face really easily, so I’m so conscious when I’m lifting weights not to let them burst in my face.’

Reports claim Adele has been training with the manager of the private KX Gym in Chelsea and working on strength and conditioning and working with cable machines.

She’s also cut out sugary tea, alcohol and processed food.

Jennifer Irvine – founder of Pure Package, who supplies Adele’s meals – also revealed. ‘She’s eating a really clean diet, wit lots of fruit and vegetables, plus lean protein and complex carbohydrates.’

Later in 2016 it is revealed Adele is on The Sirtfood died which is a fitness plan by her trainer Pete Geracimo.

The diet encourages slimmers to eat plant foods, such as kale, which activate the body’s ‘skinny gene’ which controls how the body handles fat. The diet has been so successful with some people, it’s seen folks lose up to seven pounds in seven days! Impressive right.

Following her world tour ending in late 2016 Adele continued to look amazing. Admitting she was keen to take some time to focus on her family, maybe have another kid and eventually confessing to getting married, Adele looked stunning as she dominated the 2017 Grammy Awards, scooping five gongs.

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  • Basil

    She looks ten years younger. However, her talent has never lacked nor has any part of Adele. She is great no matter what!

  • Belinda Jameson

    She looks amazing! IM doing the ethosien diet as well managed to loss 3 stones in bout 3 months! well chuffed