Popstar Justin isn't a confident flier

Justin Bieber has developed a fear of flying.

The cute Canadian singer, 18 – who’s always jetting to different countries on tour – says he now really panics whenever he catches a plane. 

‘I just started to really not like getting on a flight. It scares me,’ he says.

‘When I get anxiety, my heart drops and starts beating really fast as if it’s going to explode.’

It seems that Selena Gomez‘s boyfriend’s phobia of being up in the air has become so bad he often fears for his life. 

‘People say you have more chance of getting into a car accident than a plane crash, but they do maybe one flight a year and I’m on planes all the time,’ Justin tells Live Magazine. 

‘And all the time I’m thinking, ‘I have no control. If this plane crashes I’m dead.

‘I feel like every time I get on a plane I’m risking my life.’

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Beth Shearing