Big Brother's Alexandra causes tension in the house...

Confrontational doesn’t even cover it when it comes to Alex, she really is a nasty piece of work.

What makes her even worse is she truly believes that she’s not only intelligent, but interesting. It was quite astounding the way she sat there and in turn tried to pick fights with Rebecca, Rachel and Steph. When the first didn’t bite she moved on to her next target, the whole time talking over people, being aggressive and gradually becoming more and more vile.

Now I’m not exactltly a huge fan of Steph and while she’s certainly no Einstein [and she needs to sort out her make up working its way down her face by the end fo the evening], Alex didn’t exactly have grounds to call her simple and there was no need for her to go at her the way she did.

Rachel is a bit too smiley for me, but even she was only trying to gently stand up for Rebecca who’s only crime as take some chips out of the oven a bit too early. The horror. I’m having flashbacks of Celebrity Big Brother already.

Alex is deluded. She says people in the house have a lack of respect and courtesy. Hmmm, as far as I can see that would just be her. In Alex’s world, yes you can have an opinion – just as long as it’s the same as hers.

Dennis and Steph are also proving themselves to be as unlikable as Alex too, what a lovely bunch.

Meanwhile, in other non-Alex related news, Mario and Lisa make me feel just a little bit sick, I’m liking Darnell more and more and I’m slightly concerned by Jennifer and Dale’s growing bond. Most worryingly, Jennifer and Rachel seem to have decided that Dale is a nice boy. No girls he’s not – he’s out to nail your fanny – his words not mine!