Stuart is evicted from the house and I wish he could take Rex and Nicole with him...

I’m glad Stuart has gone – just so it shuts Rex up. Having said that, Stuart had actually picked up in the last week and started to win me over. He’d started coming out of his shell more. I especially liked it earlier in the week when he had said to Lisa and Sara: ‘You are the two weirdest people I have ever met. The only other person I have met who is as weird as you gets care assistance.’ Nice one.

However, his time had come – he didn’t want to be there and it also meant he escaped just in time to prevent getting a mauling from Sara’s wandering hands. Sadly the crowd’s hands weren’t there to catch him when he jumped into the eviction audience. Now that is embarrassing.

As I’ve said before I like Rachel. It’s a shame she’s rather dull, but at least her survival will annoy a couple of people. I can’t believe Rex actually said to her face that she was gutted that she stayed. What an arse.

On that subject, as he’s so fond of saying himself, I have lost all respect for Rex. Not only is he just plain nasty to most people in there, but he is possibly one of the worst boyfriends I have ever seen. I could also have done without seeing him getting out of bed looking, shall we say, ‘excited’ the other night.

Although having said this I dislike Nicole even more, so really he couldn’t be dating a better person. She moans about everything, and thinks she’s more important than she is. However, I don’t see how any man can tell their other half that they can’t wear heels otherwise they look taller than them. For crying out loud, if celebrity mentalist and shortarse Tom Cruise lets Katie Holmes pop on a pair of Laboutins, Rex should too.

I particularly hated the way he was with Mo about him accidentally drinking his cider. Mo did overreact and is a greedy guts, but Rex did call him a thief. Then when Mo said thank you after Rex did the noble thing and gave him his share of the shopping budget’s booze, he then lied and says he didn’t say thank you. I wish BB would count Rex and Nicole as one vote like they asked, then we’d be rid of them both at once.

His only redeeming feature this week was when he was beatboxing and freestyling with Darnell and Rex. They actually showed some talent, which is very unlike your average BB contestants.

I enjoyed the BB Olympics task this week – especially the slow race – and although their opening ceremony was rubbish it was still probably better than we’ll manage for 2012.

Mikey has also grown on me this week, despite his obsession with shouting through a loud hailer. Lisa has also continued to prove that she is a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic, although possibly not as much as Kat who, despite usually speaking words of wisdom, she started talking to the swan shaped bath tap. I think it may be time they sent the psychologists in.