With only a day to go will Verne, Terry, Ulrika, Coolio or Ben walk away the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2009...

Housemates are leaving at a rate of knots as Celebrity Big Brother draws to its final stages. First to get the boot was Michelle. What a shame. She didn’t win, but seriously she must have been kidding herself big time if she thought she would. I’m sure she’ll make some cash out of her weight loss and at home with her wonderful man, but it’s fleeting. Hopefully.

Next to go was La Toya, which I have to admit surprised me as I didn’t think she’d be that unpopular. She was always quite nice and sweet and unoffensive. What I didn’t realise at the time was how La Toya almost had to remove Ulrika’s boot from her arse as she pretty much kicked her out the front door with glee. Not so keen on going home now you think you may win, eh Ulrika? At least as viewers we’ve made her earn her fee.

Quickly following La Toya was Tommy and I have to say he actually redeemed himself for me in his exit chat where he admitted he did it for the cash for his law degree. He was also quite amusing. I just wished he could have done that in the house more.

BB has outdone himself with some brilliant tasks this time around.  The revival of the chilli challenge was great. Especially the fact that Coolio had to eat his final chilli just so he wasn’t beaten by a girl. I loved the housemates being set weird tasks, especially Terry having to: ‘cuddle Coolio until fiurther notice’ and Ulrika even grew on me when she could only talk in Swedish and taught Ben to say: ‘I have a big cock.’ Nice!

I also liked the nod to the feature that Terry used to do on The Word, which meant Tommy got brain freeze, Terry had to lick an armpit, Ben kiss a granny and made Coolio moan like a baby when he had to sit in some cold vegetable soup. He clearly would not last five minutes on I’m A Celeb.

The housemates have also shown they can actually take the mickey out of themselves quite well with the house movie. Having aid that I am haunted by the sight of Verne snogging a baby doll that was for some inexplicable reason supposed to be Mutya. However, Terry’s impression of Tina was frighteningly accurate.

I think at this stage it’s pretty obvious that Verne is going to win and purely for him ramming the diary room door with his scooter I would be happy with that result. However, I’d quite like Terry to win. Before this started I would have thought I had gone clinically insane if I wanted him to win, but he’s proved funny, nice, normal and always handy with a good fact. Something that may have bored the housemates, but I actually quite enjoyed. I’d like Coolio to come before Ulrika, just to annoy her. Oh hang on, I nearly forgot Ben. I think that may say it all. Bring on the final.