OMG! Is this the most mismatched couple ever?


I’ll admit it – I have an eenie weenie crush on Fat Boy from EastEnders (Ricky Norwood).

Even if he is totally cringey at times and overuses slang (a pet hate, my inner English graduate is coming out here), he is handsome.

And I loved when he took care of Dot Cotton. He’s a big softie, isn’t he?

I also love Denise Fox (Diane Parish) – as well as her little sis Kim.

Kim is probably my fave EastEnders comedy character – and I love when Denise keeps her in line.

But Fat Boy, who’s in his twenties, and Denise, 43, getting steamy? Say whaaaat? 

That’s an age gap that will get tongues wagging.

We’ll see these scenes soon, after Christian and Syed‘s stag do.

Fat Boy and Denise end up in bed not just once, but twice. And maybe more – it’s top secret for now how long the affair lasts.

This is definitely weird.

But I like it.

It’s definitely time that Fat Boy had some decent loving, after his ill-fated romance with Whitney Dean.

And Denise hasn’t had much action since she got involved with psychotic Yusef, who ended up dead after, er, mentally torturing Zainab. And before that she was with serial killer Lucas.

Um, yeah. I think it’s time for a little light relief. I hope Cupid is kind to this couple.

But let’s face it, he won’t be. It’s Enders, innit.

* EastEnders airs the scenes on Thursday, October 18 at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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