I am sick to death of seeing Lacey in the nude!

Since Page 3 model Lacey Banghard (yes, that is her real name) got put up for eviction, she’s been on the defensive – and her plan to stay in the Celebrity Big Brother house is, quite obviously, to get her famous bits out at every available opportunity.

You know, because there are men watching. And men will totally pick up the phone and vote to keep Lacey in if she flashes the camera repeatedly (men aren’t that silly, Lacey. Well, not all of them.)


It’s not big and it’s not clever. But Lacey, who’s devoid of personality or talent in any other aspect, has been relying on her boobs regardless.

She wore a see-through dress on the way into the house – and I groaned. I’d love to have seen Lacey going in the house in a bid to show her other side. You know, her brain.

Unfortunately, Lacey isn’t interested in doing anything like that. Sigh.

What really gets my goat is the continuous random nudity that Lacey keeps inflicting upon the house.

Take her oops, forgot my towel’ moment (see the above picture gallery). It was totally deliberate. You KNOW you’re on camera Lacey, and you know you’re facing eviction – and it’s so boring.

When Lacey isn’t screaming over the top of the rest of the house and giggling like a six year old who’s had too many E numbers, you can bet she’ll be jumping up and down on the sofa, flashing her knickers.

Or parading round in an oversized jumper (JUST an oversized jumper, mind).

I’m no prude, and yes, Lacey is gorgeous – but I wish she’d put some clothes on.

Although, on the other hand, Lacey‘s nudity does wind Heidi Montag up – which is hilarious.

Heidi’s been in a huff because Lacey’s been showering naked (as opposed to wearing a bikini in the shower), calling Lacey‘s, um, totally normal shower activities super inappropriate!’ Which is kind of taking things a little too far.

I think I’m justified in wanting Lacey to cover up – but I’m not going to go as far as Heidi Montag.

There are times and places for nudity – I just wish Lacey knew that.

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