I can't wait 'til next Tuesday night - and this is why

I got into cult uni comedy Fresh Meat relatively late – at the start of season two. We’re now three episodes in and I am HOOKED.

After having a marathon catch-up just before the new series started (a very pleasant way to spend a weekend in) I have come to the following conclusions:

1) How the flip did I totally miss the first series, which started last year? I must have been asleep or something.

This is the best comedy I’ve seen on TV since Peep Show (coincidentally it’s written by Peep Show creators Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain).

2) I seriously have the hots for Jack Whitehall (who plays public school idiot JP), even though he plays a d-bag character.

It’s those school leavers’ hoodies, that stubble, that ridiculous voice (and the fact he’s the funniest man ever). I just want to hang around with him and laugh at him (while fancying him).

3) Vod, played by Zawe Ashton, is my new girl crush.

Apart from being hysterically funny, and my favourite character on the show with all the best one-liners, she’s also so gorgeous I can’t quite believe it.

Tall, androgynous and terrifying, I’ve consequently spent hours Googling pics of her. Why can’t I look like Zawe?

And why can’t I be as gutsy as Vod? Apart from the stealing, lying, and plagiarising, she’s a pretty good role model for girls in that she has firm beliefs, a don’t-give-a-damn attitude, and a kick-ass wardrobe, too. 

4) The show encapsulates uni PERFECTLY. I think everyone who went to uni can see a bit of their lives in it (specifically, I can see a LOT of my time at the University of Leeds in JP. I got stuck in the posh halls by accident).

And those who didn’t go to uni can sit there, laugh, and probably thank their lucky stars they didn’t have to deal with the mouldy walls, creepy guys and lack of cash that the Fresh Meat crew have to battle with.

5) The show has the best website EVER (apart from Now Online, obvs). You
can explore the Fresh Meat house here. It’s a seriously ace time-waster.

* Fresh Meat is on E4, 10pm, Tuesdays

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