Never mind the meringues. James is the yummiest thing on the show

You’ve definitely been living under a rock if you haven’t noticed BBC Two’s The Great British Bake Off.

Or out actually doing stuff.


Personally, I think that Tuesday nights should be officially renamed by the government as Cake Night.

They’re not mid-week enough yet to look forward to the weekend. And on the cusp of Wednesday – which is just as blah.

Who does things on Tuesdays? Not me. You’ll find me watching The Great British Bake Off, obvs!

Now on its third series, the show has moved from cult viewing to a massive, epic, colossal viewing hit. It’s now raking in 4.5 million viewers a week. Amaze.

And it’s SO not just for girls. Blokes love cake too. Fact. I say fact and I’m not even going to bother quoting a stat. It’s just the truth. NOTHING beats cake.

The show is as exciting as The Apprentice – just way nicer to look at, not as shouty, a bit more inspirational, and probably not a great thing to watch if you’re on a diet.

And my fave cake baker of all? It’s got to be dishy James Morton. Just look at him in his cute geeky glasses. And the knitwear!

He’s definitely got The Killing’s Sophie Lund factor – a positive effect on knitwear. But with more cake and less murder (I’m already getting fash inspiration for autumn from him. Seriously).

Lovely James is a student doctor, he’s 21, and he started baking with his nan. Aww! If that doesn’t melt your heart then you’re either made of stone, or you just hate cake.

Wanna make me a meringue, James? I’m good at making tea to go with… and we can chat knitwear, too.

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