Love or hate her - she's back. And I'm thrilled

Voice coach Jessie J has officially confirmed that she’ll be back for the next series.

Speaking to Alan Carr on Chatty Man, due to be screened tonight at 10pm on Channel 4, Jessie speaks about a bit of rejigging’ done with the BBC so that she can fit in a tour AND a role as a judge on the show.

She’d formerly quit the role – to many sighs of relief from Jessie J haters.

She’s been criticised as gobby, irritating and a limelight stealer – who cares more about what she’s wearing on stage than the actual show.

And she’s now being critiqued because she got the Beeb to shuffle The Voice‘s transmission dates so she could fit it into her schedule.

So what?! That’s diva behaviour at its finest – which is what every talent show needs.

Jessie is the antithesis of boring Nicole Scherzinger over on The X Factor.

I think Jessie‘s fab on The Voice. She’s funny and opinionated – and I LOVE seeing what she’s wearing, too.

Go, Jessie, go!

I do have one thing to add, however. Jessie, I am a tad disappointed that you’e slagged off your fringe!

Jessie said to Alan Carr that she decided to retire’ her fringe. I looked at a picture of myself and was like: You look a bit scary.’ I was a becoming a bit of a cartoon.’

As a fringeaholic, I want to defend Jessie‘s former look. And, um, my current (and forever) one. Jessie, think of all your fringed-up fans before you go slating the best hairstyle ever, yeah?

Maybe she is gobby after all…

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