Yep, it's possible. Spencer looks like even more of an idiot than usual - thanks to hot new cast member Andy's flirtations with Louise

Last night Made In Chelsea returned to TV for a fourth series. Yay!

How were the producers going to weave in Spencer Matthews‘s return, I wondered?

Seeing as he’d been, erm, snogging about 20 different girls on Channel 5’s The Bachelor over the summer? Well awkward.

It all started off in St Tropez, where everyone just happened to be having some kind of parrrrdy (not sat in an office with a plaster on my arm, like I am right now after having a flu jab, but hey, we can’t all get invites to Horse Face – sorry, Victoria‘s – lacklustre swimwear launch).

It sucks to be most of us.

But at least we get to watch it on the tellybox and don’t have to actually join in with the cringe.

Anyway. So, newsflash: Spencer is still a prize IDIOT.

After dumping Louise Thompson and trotting off to Channel 5 to be on a far inferior show, Spencer is back on E4 with his tail between his legs, and he’s got a BEARD, too. Ew.

Obviously, said beard is to hide the chub he’s acquired over the summer whilst wining and dining the ladies on The Bachelor (you know it’s true, Spenny).

Anyways. Spencer and Louise run into each other in St Tropez (gosh, what a coincidence!) and after he tells her he can’t stop thinking about her for all of a minute, they get back together. For the bazillionth time.

And at this point I buried my head in my hands.

Until, that is, the astonishingly gorgeous Andy Jordan appeared on screen. Wowee, ohmygod, we have a new heart-throb here laydeees, etc! And even better, he’s in the mood to piss Spencer off. Perfect.

After Andy had a pretty harmless chat with Louise, Spencer got all moody with Andy (obviously because Andy is WAY better looking, and Spencer is a greedy guts when it comes to girls) and told Andy off. Aggressively. First by a swimming pool, and later on, more severely and more swearily on a roof terrace (well, this is Made in Chelsea, after all, so it wasn’t going to be outside McDonald’s).

I counted the ‘F’ word at least six times. God, didn’t they teach you better than that at Eton, Spencer? Obviously not. Jeeeeeeez.

Upstaged by a younger, more charming and less bloaty boy?

Then at least be gallant and stop with the expletives in front of the girl you apparently care about, like, sooooo much, Spencer.

To top it off, Louise looked like she was lapping up all the attention – from both sides.

I predict Andy and Louise will be getting it on in a few weeks. Bring. It. On!

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