Please don't go there again, guys

No, no, no! Gabriella Ellis and Ollie Locke (or as I like to call them Gollie), the worst couple ever in the history of Made In Chelsea, have started flirting again.

They split up in series one because Ollie was confused about his sexuality (and I suspect never fancied Gabriella to start with. Sorry Gabs).

Whilst Gabriella was left the broken lady with the ever-quivering jaw, Ollie was obviously totally over the moon to be free of his ex ball-and-chain.

Cue loads of tension between the pair, confrontation and repeated fall outs in their friendship group.

Whilst Gabriella struggled to get over Ollie and did silly things like writing songs about him.

But now they’re flirting again, out of nowhere. And even worse, Gabs has a boyfriend. Have some respect for yourself, woman!

Yeah, Ollie is hilarious and handsome. But he still dumped you unceremoniously so he could date boys! It is NOT a good idea to try get back with him.

The worst bit last night was the properly cringe-inducing health farm scene, where Gollie discussed sex and made a lot of eye-contact, before collapsing giggling over the back of a bed.

Gross! But seriously, Gabriella, you have a boyfriend. Both of you, just leave it. If you start kissing next week I will cry. Don’t go there!


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